Schwalbe G-One Speed 30mm

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by benhama

I've searched the internet and emailed Schwalbe without success. What I am looking for is the rolling resistance for the above mentioned tyres in terms of watts. Can anyone help me please? ... -one-speed

by Weenie

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by Miller

Had a pair, well still do but not currently in use, however could not tell you that. What I can tell you is that they do roll very well. Not a road racing tyre at all but they have a different mission statement. They're for a range of surfaces from good tarmac to light gravel and bearing that in mind, they're very fast.

Just can't tell you watts.

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by jfranci3

No data exists.

I have a set. They're very very good. I've also got a set of 25c GP5K TL . I doubt there's much difference. I set a PR on a 3min long segment that I ride2-3x week (hundreds of rides, no special wind) for years on the g-Ones.

If you look at the 60c ... g-one-2016 version rolls about the same as the road sized tires. Looking at construction, it should measure the same as the Pro One V-Guard ... eless-2016

If you're shopping for tires around this size, I'd easily put them on the list with GP5K,etc. They are kinda useless on soft surfaces though, so I wouldn't consider them a gravel tire. A wet/bad road tire, yes.

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by anzi

The 60mm version doesn't have the puncture protection that the narrower G-One Speeds have, that's why it is so fast.
I just changed from 28mm GP5000 with Conti Race Light tubes to 30mm G-One Speed Evolution tubeless. After one test ride I sold the Contis. G-Ones roll really well, but you can feel that they have a more robust sidewall compared to GP5000 clinchers and now I'm not afraid of some gravel roads.

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by benhama

Thank great feedback guys. Thank you.

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by spdntrxi

I'll be the oddball man out.. I thought they were slow.

I compared enough strava segments between 30c Gspeeds and turbo cotton (26mm) w/lytex at the time... I needed 15-20w more output on the gspeed.
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by TobinHatesYou

I am very happy with my 30mm Corsa Control G2.0 TLR...I have 3800mi on my rear tire, and it’s still going. I doubt the tiny knobbies on the G-One Speed handle hardpacked dirt better than the ribs on the Corsas.

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by jfranci3

Spdntrxi- you must have gotten the lower version by accident. :-).

Yeah, the have zero extra dirt grip. The knobs might help with wet, slick ridge. It’s a good Roubaix/travel tire in any case.

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by kode54

I still have them on my Moots. I use them in the late fall going into winter. Like others have said, they feel slow and probably are slower, but I feel alot safer riding out with all the leaves on the road even when wet. I have a set of G-One Allround to test out after these. A little more teeth with more bite on the roads. Don't have to worry as much with crappy roads. I'll suck it up with less speed.
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by WorkonSunday

i have been using g-one speed 30c for about a year on my cross bike convert. not much complain except for how hard it is to mount of some rims. few weeks ago i upgrade to campagnolo sicrocco c19 and it's really nice match and didnt need tyre levers to mount. in terms of rolling speed, it is abit slower than pure road tyres but ride is quite comfortable due to higher internal volume. i havent done much offroading with these tyres, almost all tarmac. on Bicycle Rolling Resistance website, it's under the old name Big-One Liteskin in the mountain bike section. obviously it's fatter and heavier version that was tested but should give some idea how it preforms.
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by Marin

G-One Speed 40mm tubeless 30kph 3.5bar: 22.2W

from "Rennrad Magazin"

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by zmjones

Marin wrote:
Fri Nov 15, 2019 10:49 am
G-One Speed 40mm tubeless 30kph 3.5bar: 22.2W

from "Rennrad Magazin"
that is actually pretty high. like higher than a thunder burt pacestar at say 25psi

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by jfranci3

That number is usless without something to compare it to on the same rig. And is that per pair or each?

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by jfranci3

Here we go... from Tour. Same testing jig, same test procedure data.

Big surprise... as predicted the same as the Pro One with V-guard. :-).

by Weenie

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by jfranci3 ... n-im-test/
(on Schwalbe's roller - same size as BRR's, but they use more load) - note 40c G-One Speed uses the 100kg load build, the 30c using the 75kg build

For 40c gravel TL @ 50psi / 3.5 bar (avg two tests - Schwalbe and Conti drum tests)
Challenge Gravel Grinder TLR - 25.9w
Continental Terra Speed ​​TR - 22.1w
Goodyear Connector Ultimate - 27.2w
Mavic Yksion Allroad XL - 33.6w
Maxxis Rambler Exo TR - 26.5w
Michelin Power Gravel - 26.3w
Panaracer Gravelking SK TLC - 26.9w
Schwalbe G-One Bite TLE - 28.2w
Specialized Pathfinder Pro 2Bliss ready 25.2
Teravail Cannonball 25.7
WTB Riddler 28.7w

Just the Schwalbe roller:
25c One TL 25c @ 7bar - 14.5w with tube at 8bar - 17.1w
G-One Speed 40c (100kg load casing) - 22.2
G-One Allaround 40c (70kg load casing) - 21.3
G-One Bite 40c (100kg load casing) - 24.6
G-One TerraBite 40c (100kg load casing) - 23.8

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