campagnolo jockey wheel bushing to grease or not to grease

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by JoO

Title says it all: should I grease the busing in the jockey wheels or not. Does not seem greased from the factory.

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by Miller

One job I hate is cleaning oily crap off rear derailleurs. If I'm being diligent I take the lower cage off and clean everything individually. When I reassemble, yes I do grease or oil the bushings. Why wouldn't you?

by Weenie

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by kervelo


I wonder why Campagnolo is not using real bearings in their jockey wheels.

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by JoO

Pulley wheels with bearings like tacx don’t shift as good

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by bikeboy1tr

I always lube the RD pulleys no matter what RD I am running. I was using a silicone spray lubricant but it didnt last long as the pulleys would start to squeak. Switched over to Loctite Syn Super lube and it seems to get me through the week without the squeaking. As long as you dont spray a huge amount the mess is minimal and I give them a cleaning every so often when it does get gunky.
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by LewisK

I still have some of the Ceramic Speed pulley wheel oil left, so I use that which seems to do the trick!

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by wilwil

I use Purple Extreme lube. Definitely not grease.

by Weenie

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