Pinarello Gan S w Di2 vs. Prince

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by jonesygrl

Hey all!

First time posting, a little nervous about asking a 'good' question :oops: A little background: I am hoping to upgrade my beloved 2008 Pinarello Paris as she's starting to show some age, and I'm facing the conundrum of either throwing down some dough on upgrading components or letting someone else love the bike while getting myself a "new" set of wheels. I'm 5'6", female, mostly a weekend warrior but I love to go fast and try to keep up with my bf. I'd love one day to complete a century. I've found two bikes that are real contenders.

Bike 1: 2019 "nearly new" Pinarello Prince, BoB (sexxxy). Ultegra components. Wheels are the original Fulcrum Racing 5's: $2900

Bike 2: 2018 new (so I'd get the Pinarallo warranty) Gan S Di2, mostly black with a some splashes of hot pink (sexy), but with kinda dorky wheels: $3200 (or with Zipp 30 clincher's for $3500 - an option I'm not so inclinded to go for)

Let's assume all other things are equal .... what would you go for? I know this is a HIGHLY personal question, and in fact, I'd love your personal/subjective opinions! Has anyone ridden both bikes?

I know there are subtle differences in the frames, with the Prince being slightly more aggressive, but is it a noticeable difference to someone like me? I test rode a Gan, and it was super comfy: like quicker/snappier version of my Paris but with all the upgrades and newer/smoother components that I'd want. How great is Di2?

Thanks :D

by Weenie

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by jonesygrl

Ha, yes ... I've seen (some of) those bikes and am in contact with the sellers. That is so nice of you to have looked for me! :)

I ride a 53cm now and while I find it perfectly comfortable, seat height is not up to today's visual standards and stand-over height is a little, uhm, personal. So I've been trying to find some local bikes to test ride to see what's a better option.

I was mainly curious if faced with the two bike choices I listed above, what folks might chose. Is Di2 that amazing? Is a seeminly "better" frame the smarter choice? Realizing it is a completely personal choice, I was curious what other people's thought processes might be if that might in turn help me out!

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by KarlC

Hard to beat this deal, its 1 size down from what you are at now and you can ezaly buy and ultegra di2 upgrade kit and some wheels you like, then sell off your old parts and still be in the bike pretty cheep. ... SwbMJc~EJG

Another option ..... ... 37140.html

Read up on Di2 here, there its lots of info, some love it others like the feel of cables.

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by dmp

I also ride a 2008 Paris, am 5'7.5", and while height alone is a poor metric for fit, I am on a size 50 (could have also fit a 51.5 with a shorter stem but I and my fitter like the 50 with a 120mm stem fit for me). I strongly suspect that your 53 is considerably too large for you and that a 51.5 is as big as you should go, and you might consider a 50, too. Some of the difference you noticed on your test ride might have been a better fit.

The geometry on the Prince and the Gan are the same- the difference is in the layup, which will change the riding characteristics. I have not ridden them to compare, but would suspect that the Prince will be a bit stiffer and the Gan a bit more forgiving. Both will be fast precisely handling bikes. The Fulcrum 5's are stiff wheels but not very light.

I'm a Campy guy, but my friends on DI2 all rave about it. Its certainly an industry standard and you can't go wrong with it.

Re: the Gan for sale from the Aspen bike shop- I have rented from that shop, and they take good care of their rental fleet (which I presume this might have been from).

by Weenie

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by LewisK

You do need to be careful with the sizing, as Pinarello frames do come up big! I’m 5ft9 and my Dogma was a 50cm with a 130 stem, saddle height from centre of BB to top of saddle is pretty much bang on 71!
In specialized and cannondale, I’m a size 52cm.

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