rolfprima elan aero

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by aj

am thinking of getting a pair :) a cycle sport they are £650 now i've seen them for £520 from there somewhere in the uk that anyone know's of i can get them for the same price or close to the fairwheelbikes price.if not has anyone in the uk ever bought wheel's from the u.s.a :?: if so did you have any problem's :roll:

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by snips

Have just got a pair, my local bike shop with whom I've spent £1000's with gave my a decent price almost comparable to US prices.

by Weenie

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by aj

hi snips
what do you think of them pro's&con's :?:

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Good wheels. Small brake track/side walls. Good quality hubs, however, they are so frekin' loud. Like Chris King loud. A riding buddy has them and I can't stand riding behind him when we are going down hill, drives me crazy.

"Don't pedal harder, pedal faster!"


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by drjones96

I have Vigors which have the same hub internals as the Elans. (White Industries) When I was at bikemessenger's over the weekend he took mine appart and put some secret grease on the engagment thing-a-ma-jig and now it's not so loud. He could probably tell you what he put on there if he's reading.

If you want a quiet hub get some velomax/easton wheels.

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by bikemesenger

I put a grease named Slick Honey in the pawls to quite them down. The grease is actually made for suspension forks but it works really good for this application.

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by durarace

I used walmart waterproof grease. Works perfect. Almost too quite.

by Weenie

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by Danton

I'm riding these and they're not too noisy for me. The wheels are very impressive, they are not deep aero wheels but the profiled rim and CX-ray spokes help make them quick. The braking surface is small but if you set the pads up properly, this isn't a problem. I can't notice much flex, compared to my Mavic Ksyrium wheels, there's little difference in flex when I'm sprinting in a big gear uphill. But the weight is great, they are light and this helps. I can't comment yet on durability and adjustability could be a problem but after 1000km or so, they're holding up fine.

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