27.2 seatpost suggestions

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by Squashednuts

Check out this thread
I didn’t like the Hylix as it slipped, I’m 82kg
The Elita One is working well, however, I did need to sand the post so the saddle cradle would properly fit
Fuji SL 5.5kg tubs/5.9kg viewtopic.php?f=10&t=157704

Sold -
Focus Izalco Max Disc - Final Weight 6.7kg - http://weightweenies.starbike.com/forum ... o+Max+disc

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by dastott

I have done around 12,000kms on a Hylix (with no setback). Hasn't slipped for me at all. I'm 70kgs.

by Weenie

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by jeanjacques

NiFTY wrote:
Thu Oct 24, 2019 11:21 am
For reasonably priced get a ritchey superlogic
+1 and there is also the WCS Flexlogic one, little bit cheaper for a couple grams more and lighter than the one bolt normally: viewtopic.php?t=128888

Edit: I just received it, 27,2x400 is 172g. According to the thread above, the Superlogic weight 153g for a 27.2x350.
And from an another WCS seatpost, 10cm of 31,6 tube weight 30g, so we could imagine 5cm of 27,2 will be around 13g, so the difference between WCS and Superlogic is around 6g :)

Edit2: after cutting 10cm of my post 27,2, the weight is 28g, so the difference between WCS and Superlogic is 5g for 350mm lenght.

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