Need advice: Giant TCR Advanced Pro 1 vs Canyon Ultimate SL 8.0

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by bikefire

I planned to buy Canyon Ultimate SL 8.0. But it is out of stock in their website. I heard some terribele stories about waiting ~6 moths to get a Canyon bike. Today, I saw my LBS having Giant TCR Advanced Pro 1 ( ... xapta=true) for sale at $2500, that is $1K less than MSRP! I am considering whether I should buy it instead of wating for Ultimate

Bothe bikes have Ultegra groupset. Giant has carbon Giant SLR-1 Wheelset while Canyon has DT Swiss P 1800 Spline. I checked the weight, the Giant wheelset is ~200g lighter. Giant has separated stem and handlebar while Canyon has intergrated. I never rode a bike with an integrated cockpit, not sure whether it is better. Canyon Ultimate weighs 7kg. Giant website doesn't list its weight, but I saw someone said it weighs 7.1kg. So they are comparable.

For MSRP, I will go with Canyon cause Giant is 1.2K more expensive. But with the discount price, I am tempting to get Giant. Would like to hear your experience of those two bikes and you suggestions. Thanks!

by Weenie

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by westham7

Go canyon

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by bikefire

westham7 wrote:
Tue Oct 22, 2019 5:14 pm
Go canyon

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Could you elborate more why you are suggesting Canyon?

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by RedbullFiXX

Both are great bikes, buy the one that looks best to you
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by tonchy

One thing to consider - warranty - LBS (Giant retailer) vs Canyon online.
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by kgt

IMHO a top carbon Giant frame is among the best made carbon frames you can buy nowadays. Way better construction quality and qc than Canyon. I would not even consider Canyon if I were you...

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by Noctiluxx

The TCR with Ultegra and carbon wheels for $2500 is a no brainer.
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by bikefire

Thanks everyone. I wIll test ride Giant at LBS to see whetehr the geometry fits. It is 2019 model not 2020. I checked their website, the only difference between those two years are 2020 has built-in power meter. I am willing to save $1K without it.

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by jasonh

Although Canyon Offer decent value for money for their bikes, I still don’t see them as comparable to purchasing from the LBS. The additional service and support offered standard by most LBS adds value that far surpasses simply a decent value for a bike alone. Unless, of course you’re an experienced mechanic with an extensive shop.

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by shotgun

Both are great bikes, and as mentioned earlier the wheels on the TCR has a leg up over the DT Swiss on Canyon. I don't know roadmap for the Ultamate SL, but the TCR will have a design update by mid-2020. If that holds any value for you.
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by robertbb

I've exclusively ridden Giant and Canyon frames for years. Quality wise, their top shelf stuff is really on par. Giant is excellent, as are Quest Composites (who make Canyon's frames). One plus for Giant is that it has a lifetime frame warranty - Canyon is 5 years. If you're the kind of person who can be happy with what they have, doesn't need to upgrade every few years and will ride it till it breaks, go Giant. You'll only every buy one frame :lol:

Also, the Canyon Ultimate has a standard 27.2 seatpost so you have options there. On the giant you are stuck with their post. That may or may not be an issue for you. Canyon's current Ultimate frames are either mechanical or eletcric - Giant has universal drillings. May be an issue for you, may not.

Of course, the most important aspect of all of this is fit. The geometries are different. The TCR will be more aggressive.

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by bikefire

I went to the LBS and tried out Giant TCR Advanced Pro 1. It is light, stiff and fast. Its geometry is a bit more aggresive than my previous Specialized Allez Sport, but still comfortbale. The LBS also provides basic fitting and lifetime tuning for FREE! So I pulled the trigger. Can't wait to ride this new bike to climb hills! 8) Thanks everyone again for your suggestion. :thanx:

by Weenie

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