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by pmprego

szazbo wrote:
Wed Dec 11, 2019 11:05 pm
So i posted above and had 4 KICKR 18 replacements. Now the 5th one failed. I really liked the trainer. Different issue than the others. Lost BT. Emailed Wahoo again and politely requested a refund and a box to be sent so I can send back the trainer. They were more than accomodating to my request. Trainer is on its way back to Wahoo and I now have a TACX 2T in the Paincave. There is a huge difference between the 2 trainers and due to the design, the TACX demands real watts from your legs and is completly silent. Only have 200 miles on it so far, so will have to wait and see as far as the reliability. Still applaud Wahoo's customer service. Judging from the recent Wahoo Remanufactured Black Friday sale, there are more than a few that have been repaired. I hope they get the issues sorted out before the KICKR 20 comes out
I had 4 kickr 2018 before asking for a refund which they did no question asked. Top service in that department. The ugly part was that I got the feeling that the units they send as replacements are just units they restore from other customers returns. For me that's the only logical explanation for the recursive problems on supposedly new units while others that have a good unit since the start still swear by it. It's just statistically impossible to be a coincidence.

Moved to tacx neo (2 at the time) and is now for a second time for repair. First was the miscalibration that was.common on neo 2 (no, it was not neo watts it was just misscalibratred) and now is the flywheel misaligned. The first time the support was given by tacx (Holland - it took 5 days just to get there, it was there for half a day and 5 more to return) - 2 weeks without training. Now it was sent to Garmin (Barcelona - day and half to arrive) and it's still there, 3 weeks after. I asked about a refund and Garmin said no way.

Summing up. No one is perfect but the support from wahoo was always faster and in the end they didn't even question my request for a refund. Due to that I consider buying another wahoo in the future but probably never again from Garmin (because tacx is now longer tacx don't think otherwise).

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by TobinHatesYou

I have heard horror stories about Tacx support after the Garmin buyout, though Garmin US support has always been good to me in the past. It’s possible Garmin Europe is more dysfunctional and/or that there are teething issues integrating Tacx into their corporate structure.

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