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by isdsms55

Looking to purchases new pedals and shoes. Who has the best iStore prices? Suggestions appreciated.

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by bobalou

isdsms55 wrote:Looking to purchases new pedals and shoes. Who has the best iStore prices? Suggestions appreciated.

If you want to buy online, the best deals I've ever gotten have been on eBay. My current rig and training rig are 75% from eBay, I'm talking major items: two frames, two wheelsets, BB's, Bars, headsets, tires ..etc. Some stores sell new stuff on ebay, some stores sell exclusively on eBay and some sell crap they can't sell in their stores .. and of course, you can find used stuff of varied history. Bike stuff can always be good deals if you're willing to wait and investigate. I cant tell you how many times I've seen someone plunk over a grand for a new bike and probably put about 20 miles on it! Same is true for bikeparts. The main advice I'd give to online purchasing, only buy witht he credit card as most have fraud protection.

Another suggestion, .. I don't know where you are, but <i>some</i> LBS's will pricematch internet prices. I've found stuff on the web and bought it from Performance by bringing a quote into the shop. They had to special order it (red phone order is what Performance calls it) but I got a good deal, free shipping, and for some reason, I wasn't taxed either.

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by Scapin/Dean

I agree that eBay has the best deals. That said, you can find 20% off coupons for the major e-tailers. For instance, if your bike club is a member, Performance has a 20% off sale this weekend where I will be purchasing new pedals, gloves, tires, etc.
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