One for the elderly mechanics; PMP Micro Road crankset BB

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by micky

I've got on a bike a PMP Micro Road triple crankset with what seems to be proprietary BB.
Does anyone know what tool I could try to use to take it off?
Picture is just to show what the tool looked like.


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by Weenie

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by joejack951

I'm not sure I'd trust a pin spinner to unscrew a bottom bracket cup. Not their intended use. Not saying it won't work but I'd see the likely outcome as bent pins on the spanner and a bottom bracket that hasn't budged.

If you have a drill press, a block of steel/aluminum and some appropriately sized pins and drill bits, it wouldn't be that hard to make a tool like the one shown.

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by ms6073

Deleted (wrong answer).
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by AJS914

You probably need a larger pin spanner/wrench than shown above. It will probably have to be really sturdy and the pins will have to fit snugly in the holes to remove an old BB cup. ... B00A8FNPYU

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by Valbrona

There are six pin tools out there. eg ... ol-rt0006/

Pin diameter can vary, as can pin pitch. Pin pitch can be metric or Imperial.

by Weenie

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