Wilier to Colnago C64 upgrade

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by mag

I was deciding between 52s and 54s as well, went for 54s but now would go for 52s because the 54s really feels a little too big. With the smaller frame I could have more seatpost exposed (=better comfort there which isn't a bad thing on our crappy roads), could still get a long enough reach and potentially lower stack if I wanted to go that way.

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by Calnago

Yeah, finding the ideal size is more than just being able to fit three data points of contact. It's also about the feel of the bike on the road, the handling, etc. It's a goldilocks quest... finding the entire combo of fit and handling characterisics, and of course aesthetics, that is jussst right.
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by Weenie

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by kgt

One of the reasons of buying a Colnago frame -back in the old good days of traditional geometry- was that you could find the ferfect fit. It seems that this is not the case nowadays.
Having said that I am one of those who advise for the smaller size when between sizes. Ilovesocks's setup looks great BTW.

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by grnrcr

FWIW, the silver looks way better which sounds like you agree. That’s reason enough for the switch.

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by Ilovesocks

@AJS914 - agree that to my eyes, a 52S with 'reasonable' spacers looks better than a slammed 54S. The head tube is just too long. The pic of your black/silver C59 is part of the reason I had a change of heart - it looks so well proportioned.

@Calnago - yes you are correct, the CRS and Black C64 in 52S both have 20mm too many spacers for me. I guess it was part of me trying to convince myself a 52S was too low (the main reason for my original post). Per my earlier post, I needed 7mm spacer for a 54S or 25mm for a 52S to replicate my Wilier stack. Notwithstanding the fact that my "temporary" Ritchey stem is 2 degrees shallower (-6 v -8) and 10mm longer than the Deda, which raises bars/ removes a 5mm spacer according to the stem calc site 😀

@kgt - thanks, I do prefer the smaller frame aesthetically and feels better on a short test ride. Hopefully get a decent ride this weekend. Ditto @grnrcr, I'm loving the Silver too.

So thanks for all your comments. I'm genuinely happy with the outcome; bike feels more "me" and I prefer the colour. Bit drastic to buy two frames but hopefully shouldn't end up costing too much to change. The irony is that I'd deliberated on sizing for ages, and still got it wrong !

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