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Re: Axs and osp: drivetrain inefficiency vs aero

Posted: Sun Oct 20, 2019 10:29 pm
by RocketRacing
TobinHatesYou wrote:
Sun Oct 20, 2019 8:55 pm
I question the benefit of oversized pulleys...the larger cages have a negative aero impact, the extra link worth of chain = more weight. Adding an aero fairing over them will probably result in trapped dust/dirt, further reducing efficiency. But this is where placebo comes in. If RocketRacing thinks it will make him faster, it probably will. Same goes for Cat 6 Aerobob. If marginal equipment gains allows\ him to keep up with the smashfest group ride rather than getting dropped 10 miles in, then he'll probably get fitter/faster as a result. Good for him. Or if the 80yo founder of the club can only keep up now with his e-bike, that's fine too.

There's clear aero, weight, rolling resistance gains to be made via equipment choice...doesn't matter what your abilities are. What matters is the priority of the upgrade, whether it really is an upgrade and that placebo. Don't buy "aero" oversized pulleys before you buy Empire SLXs or some other aerodynamic shoe or the best fitting skinsuit for your body type.
Agreed. (I have empire slx shoes, but got them because they were light).

Fyi, I am not sold on the aero pully system. I just said i would be interested in seeing real wind tunnel data before considering it. I am a pretty evidence based guy. And i also said if it it was only a 0.5w savings, i would pass. And even if it were more aero, it would need to be at least on par for shift quality, as i put a higher priority on that.

I don't think i have defined an aero per dollar limit, bit my current focus is my front end and position. Lots of low hanging fruit there. Until i gain an ineos sponsorship, the more expensive marginal gains can go to the dentists of the world.

The heiarchy of purchased upgrades should be rider position, rider clothing, helmet, wheels, frame, other crap. With the stuff on the "other crap" end being less important, and a few things in the middle being arguable in the order of importance (like i put helmet over wheels because it is cheaper), and anything free being a given.