Grease and preload Qs for Enduro bb bearing

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by Boshk

I got some Morgan Blue Aquaproof grease for my new build, mainly for fork & headset area, spindle, threads on enduro bb and other screws etc

Friend sold me his year old Enduro XD-15 Ita thread bb and Shimano R9100 groupset.....still debating whether to use it.

I gave it a good wipe, but did not degrease or removal of the Enduro bearings.

1) Should I try remove and clean the actual bearings? If so...what grease/oil do I need for the actual bearings?
2) If not, do I need to grease the actual bearing 'dust cover' which is in contact with the crankset? Will the Aquaproof grease be 'too thick' for it?

3) Last question..probably most important.... the Enduro technical video on 'how to preload shimano' on the XD-15 bb shows TWO 0.5mm nylon washer/spacers, 1 on each side......I only have 1, did he loose one?
this is the video

4) He didn't have the Enduro preload/shimano tool, is there an aftermarket shimano tool that would fit into torque wrench or do I need to pay $40 for the enduro one?
enduro preload tool.jpg
enduro xd-15.jpg

by Weenie

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