Carbon handlebars-need help!!!

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by J-Nice

I am looking for a carbon handlebar with flat tops that will work with a 31.8 stem(I will be using the FSA 114). I need the comfort of the flat tops, as that is where I position my hands on climbs, and I will be doing alot of climbing once it stops snowing here in NYC. I was looking at the Deda, but no info on theire website. They do not seem too interested in keeping it updated(Raimundus Rumsas still features prominently on their homepage-go figure that one out) so I figured someone may have a picture of it that they can poste(I think it is called the Alerna, if I'm not mistaken).
Any other carbon handlebar will be conidered-I just do not know what is out there. Thanks in advance!!! :lol: :D :shock:

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by cadence90

Both the Deda Alanera and Synapsi are an integrated bar/stem combo.
They are all listed right on their website, seems pretty up-to-date to me:

Here's one link to some other carbon bars.

There have been quite a few posts here if you SEARCH, and also just check the web, but you might look at the FSA K-Wing:
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by Weenie

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