c60 disc 28mm wide rims possible?

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by Calnago

@Sneeky: In the absence of anyone with an actual C60 disc and the wheel/tire combo you're wondering about, it may be you that has to do the experimenting.

@AJS914: Always liked that color scheme, it was easy to build up really nice. But pretty sure that's a standard C59 fork on your bike.

C59 Fork up until last run transitioning to C60... sculpted on both leading and trailing edges for most of the fork's length...

Transition fork (last C59's/early C60's)... more clearance under fork crown than previous... no sculpting on front leading edge, straight angled sculpting on trailing edge...


Standard C60 Fork... little more scultping up top on the trailing edge, but still pretty abrupt on the leading edge. Beefier than the C59 fork with more tire clearance... still not for huge tires, but then who knew people would be putting 30mm tires on their road bikes back then :) ...
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by Weenie

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by sneeeky

AJS914 wrote:
Wed Oct 02, 2019 2:23 am
According to this they are 26mm outer, 19mm inner.

https://www.wheelsfar.com/kaze-r35-whit ... y-t11.html

They should be totally fine with 23mm tires and ok with the right, not too fat, 25mm tires.
sandy at farsports quoted me on the 28mm wide wheels i did see the 26mm's i will definetly inquire about those

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