Cannondale SuperSixEvo HiMod (Caad12) 54 vs 52

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by 3Pio

I posted this in Frame size, new bike fitting, questions topic, but i'll need a bit more details regarding handling etc, and seem that here it have more people reading, so posting here including more details regarding my dilemma..

I have almost full groupset except the frameset, so thinking to build another bike based on SuperSixEvo HiMod frameset (only as 54 cm option), or another CAAD12 (here having dilemma 52 again or 54 maybe)

So lets give u some more details:

Im 175 cm, 82.5 inseam.. My BB to top of the saddle position is 72.7 cm.

i own two bikes with setups that put me in similar position:

1. Colnago C60 50S, 110mm -8 deg stem, 40mm c-c handlebar (75/130) (Deda Superleggera stem and handlebar)

I use big headset cap under the stem (15mm), and 7mm of spacers (will add 2 mm more this days)

2. Cannondale CAAD12 in 52, 115mm -8 deg stem (Deda zero), Deda Zero100 Handlebar (40 c-c, 75/130)

Big headset (25mm) and 9mm spacers under the stem

Here im using SaveSeatpost and i have Selle Italia SLR Carbonio Flow sligtly on the back position, but nothing extreme back on the saddle rails...

As i mentioned i have an offer for SuperSixEvo HiMod in 54 (no 52 cm option here) or another CAAD12 (here have dilemma should i go again 52cm or maybe to try 54)

If i go 54 cm (both option Caad12 and SuperSix Evo HiMod) Regarding stack i will use small headset cap here (9mm) and about 4-5 mm spacers which is ideal.. But regarding reach to have the same position as other bikes i have i'll need to use 105mm stem which is almost not possible to find.. (Just Pro Stem and Bontrager for now) So probably 100mm stem or 110mm (if i move saddle in the front for 5 mm 110mm stem, if i go 100mm stem then 5 mm in the back))

CAAD12 which i have have very nice handling.. I like it a lot.. Very reactive especially when i need to switch direction quickly, and very racing lively feel, very fun feeling....

Someties on climbs i feel that make me want standing more then Colnago, but nothing extreme here..

What do u think about 54 cm (Caad12 or SuperSixEvo HiMod)? Will be feel sluggish compared to CAAD12 in 52 i have now (especially if i have to ride with 100mm stem).. Will i loose that sharp and fun factor handling and handling/reacting? or will be ok since it have a bit bigger front center which i guess will offeset shorter stem? Or what i'll get better if i go 54 vs my 52 i have now, and what i'll lost?

Regarding look, if i go SuperSixEvoHiMod 54 seattube length is 55.9cm, Caad12 in 54 is 57cm while caad12 in 52 is 53.8 cm

So if i go SuperSixEvo in 54 2 cm seatpost less will show, while caad12 in 54 will be 3 cm less seatpost showing... Here it's not just a look, but wondering if less seatpost is showing that will lost some compliance as well (more important i guess for Caad12 since seatpost is 1 cm longer then supersixevo, and more compliance needed on alloy frame)

Unfortunately i cant test it.. And no Cannondale at all in 54 where i live...

To be even more complicated, this frameset should be rideable as well by my gf which is 175 cm as well, but have much longer legs, at least 2 cm more then i have (so more bb to saddle height), but short torso..

So that mean shorter stem, higher stack and higher bb to saddle height (perfect for her endurance geometry of Synapse i know)... If i go another 52 cm caad will need maybe 25mm headset cap and at least 20-25 mm spacers under the stem for her (and probably 100-110 stem), and maybe too much seatpost showing... If i go 54 for her , seatpost showing will be probably ok, stack ok (551 on both caad12 and supersixevo in 54), but reach will be too long for her, so will need short stem (i guess 90mm max)

But for now let's make primary fitting dilema for my body proportions and my riding, and let's discuss after that her fit (i want to measure her inseam in the meantime and to check again test riding my 52)

And for one who have test ride both.. Is there big difference between Caad12 and SSIX HiMod Evo in riding department? I got idea that the biggest difference is in term of comfort which i dont miss at all with caad12 i have (rode few >200 km rides since i have it and no problems regarding comfort at all).. First period i thought caad12 is flexy, but after i changed the stem (from 110mm or 120mm Fizik Cyrano's i was trying then with Easton EC90SLX3 handlebar to DedaZero100 handlebar and Deda Zero115 mm stem), actually is stiff and nice riding regarding stifness..

Also i read it the SSixEvo HiMod is a bit dull vs caad12 (and i relaly like live feeling caad12 provide).. Is the biggest difference here just the comfort (which i dont miss as i said), and 300 gm weight difference? (which is not worth to pay extra 1200 eur price difference)? Is it SSixEvo HiMod really that much better in climbing/sprinting/handling ?

To have better idea sending pictures of my Caad12 in 52 bike setup which suit me perfect at a moment..

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