Advice needed about chainring and long cage derailleur

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by win32

I need new 52T R8000 chainring and R8000 long cage derailleur.
I never used Aliexpress and now I see this:

Did anyone know is that original Shimano parts or is better to stay away from that?
Sellers have ok reviews for that items if that mean something.
I'm not worried about custom or any additional costs....I'm only worried about parts and if they are genuine Shimano Ultegra parts?


P. S.

I'm saving some money for new wheels and that's why I look at Aliexpress but if that parts are not genuine I will buy from Wiggle or Bike24 (I have great experience with that stores but unfortunately 52T chainring and R8000 long cage derailleur is not so cheap on Wiggle and similar online stores (noup, I can't buy at any LBS because I don't have any :)).

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by alanyu

Sure, they are real shimano parts.
I got all my DA parts from taobao.
Taobao and ali sellers based in China mainland have the cheapest retail price of shimano parts in the world, because the sellers take those parts directly from the factory such as Kunshan Giant, making their cost much lower than anywhere else.

by Weenie

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by velolive

Have r8000 from them, seems to be legit.
Although I'm worried about bonding of the crankarms.

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