Creaking Colnago C64

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by AJS914

Every time I get an out of the saddle creak, it is my Zipp skewers. If I clean the skewers and the drop outs the noise will go away. Sometimes a tiny drop of oil in the skewer mechanism helps immensely.

That said, it sounds like it's your BB since you have swapped wheels but if it were me I'd still clean my skewers and put some fresh carbon paste on my seatpost and saddle rails just to know for sure.

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by Calnago

To reinforce what was just said, and not to say this is at all applicable to the OP’s issue, is that skewers are the #1 source of creaking imo. Whether they’re not tight enough, not clean, or just way too light and flimsy to ever hope they will provide a large and even clamping force in the dropouts, that’s the first place I’d check if the source isn’t totally obvious. Someone brings me a bike with lightweight skewers to work on, fine... the first thing I’ll do is replace the skewers with some Campy or DA skewers and take it for a test ride. Often, that is the source of the mysterious creak that “wouldn’t go away”.
In the OP’s case, you have to go digging a little further, like maybe as was mentioned the pedal inserts in the crankset. Or, depending on how the frame is constructed, it could even be one of the bolts that secures the seatstays to the dropout, which was finally discovered in a Pinarello I worked on. But it would click on queue with every pedal stroke leading one to believe it had to be something in the crank, BB, or what have you. A new bolt, some permanent threadlocker, and all was good.
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