Campagnolo EPS TT query

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by thencameyou

Hi all, looking at building up a 2015 Cervelo P3 with 11 speed EPS TT groupset. There doesn't seem to be much online about what parts I will need. I have a Record 4-arm crank I would like to use (which I assume means I need some kind of BB adapter for the BBRight bottom bracket). The frameset comes with 3T Aura bars and Magura hydro rim brakes - am undecided at the moment about keeping these vs going for the EPS TT brake levers with shifter buttons.

I think I will need
- Bar end shifters
- EPS front and rear mech (probably chorus)
- V3 battery
- EPS TT interface unit
- wire kit - what length?
- (brakes / EPS brake levers)

Anything else?

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by Miller

I have Chorus EPS on my TT bike with an EPS list like yours. Some comments:
- you'll be up against parts availability as Athena/Chorus EPS is discontinued. OTOH that does mean it's possible to find discounted parts indluding the TT i/f, bar-ends and brake/shift levers.
- you need to be aware of plug incompatibility between Athena/Chorus EPS and SR/Record EPS. The V3 battery is only available with SR/Rec plugs as far as I know. So either you build with a v2 battery or you go for V3 with Record EPS and extra expense.
- having the brake/shift levers is really nice, much better than bar-ends only. How attached are you to those Magura brakes?
- I used one extension wire, to lengthen the connection from battery to i/f unit.

Go for it though, it's lovely stuff to use and very reliable.


by Weenie

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by joeyb1000

I also have Chorus/Athena EPS TT. Works great
Same comments as above.
You can use a standard interface with TT shifters, or TT interface with TT shifters and brake lever shifters (best choice). But, as above, V3 power unit only on R/SR.
No cross compatibility between Athena/chorus and R/SR.

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