Going from S-Works 6 shoes to Sidi or Shimano : size ?

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by LouisN

My Specialized S-Works 6 shoes's life is coming to an end.
I'm interested in switching either to Sidi WIre Carbon 2 or Shimano RC901.
Size 42.5 (normal width) in the S-Works 6 was a tight fit for me. With red insoles, I had to choose a thin sock to be comfortable in them. BUt loved the tight fit around the whole foot and ankle. My feet are 265-269 mm.
Why change brands ?
My lbs, where I take all my gear, only sells Sidi, Shimano or the odd Fizik in shoe brands.
I can't try the size because they only have low end models in store.
Anybody coming from S-Works 6 shoes can tell their experience in switching to Sidi or Shimano ?
Thanks :beerchug:

Louis :)

by Weenie

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by clynch

I have the S-works 6, had the S-works 7, and have the Shimano Spyre RC9.

S-works 6: 43.5
S-works 7: 43.5
Shimano RC9: 44

I would definitely size up 0.5 going from Specialized to Shimano.

I would say the 44 in Shimano is a little more comfortable, but not necessarily bigger. The Shimano doesn’t feel as firm to me in the heel cup as the S-works 6 do. For me, the roomy toe box is most important and both brands fit me very well. I rotate my shoes and like them all. I also have the MTB versions of these shoes and they follow the same sizing.
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by TobinHatesYou

I feel like both Shimano's latest high-end lasts are true-to-length, as are Specialized's. The difference is Specialized shoes have very roomy toeboxes so some people incorrectly size down. I am 44.5 in practically everything except the previous Giro Empire SLX, which I wore in 45.

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by kgt

IMO Sidi are better than Shimano. especially their soles are much better/stiffer. In Sidi you are 43.5 or 44. See their sizing chart and keep in mind to add 3-5mm to your foot length in order to find the correct size.

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by TobinHatesYou

I'll agree that Sidi has the highest construction quality and quality control of the listed brands. fi'zi:k also has pretty good construction. Ultimately it comes down to fit though. I wouldn't limit myself to what your local shop sells, no matter how loyal you are to them. Shoes and saddles are so insanely personal.

If Specialized shoes fit you, then stick with them. I would recommend that you try not cinching down your shoes so much though. The aim is to be firm through the midfoot and have no slippage in the heel...that's about it. Go to every local shop and try the shoes they have in stock. Order shoes online, try them on indoors and return them if they don't fit. Don't limit yourself to a handful of choices. I used to think Giro shoes fit me best, then I recently tried the new Bontrager XXX even though wrap style tongues usually give me trouble. I'm glad I did and I now happily ride the XXXs except on the hottest days.

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by ico

From my recent experience go one size up. I went from 43,5 in S-Works to 45 SIDI SHOT. They are slightly on a bigger size, but I would never ever go back to a tight fit I had before. I just followed SIDI's sizing chart which said 27,5 cm is size 45 and also some recommendations here.

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by Js2

I wear the same size Spesh and Shimano. The toe box on S works 7 is very roomy like Tobin says.
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by TobinHatesYou

Also watch out for other quirks. For example fi’zi:k shoes have forward mounting holes. Cyclists who tend to slam their cleats as far aft as possible may not achieve their preferred cleat position. Shimanos have great fore/aft adjustability.

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by spartan

i have owned sidi . the construction is first class but the upper material shiny is imho cheap looking/tacky. the weight is noticeable vs spec/bonty.

currently i own sworks 7 size 44.5 and new bontrager xxx size 44. the fit is almost identical. bonty clarino upper are super luxurious look vs sworks dynema. only negative is the cheap feel of the boa on the bonty.

please trek go to aluminum low profile boa dials . that would be the new gold standard for road shoes.
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by Weenie

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by miltmaster3

S works 43
Shimano phyre 43
Sidi shot 44

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