Which are the Grippiest Tyres?

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by Lewn777

Nobody has tried every tire, so their opinions including mine are to be taken not so seriously - we all have baises. But I found Continental GP4000s2 aren't too bad and Schwalbe Pro One tubless were good, but they weren't any where near robust enough tires for my roads. For me there is always a trade-off between rolling resistence, grippiness and robustness, but if you are a very light rider on excellent quality roads this might not apply to you so much.

I find road condition, surface newness, type (biutumen or concrete), surface temperature, and contanination (usually rain gravel or dust) and the bike frameset (whether or not it suits me - ok, well or not at all) (recently I found the Giant TCR to be excellent, Trek Emonda and Specialized Tarmac to be good and Cervelo R5 poor - YMMV we are all different) be much better indicators of descending confidence and enjoyment than purely tires.

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by Alumen

Are you just looking for common grip or more like winter grip ?

If you are looking for common grip: Continental Grand Prix 5000. Period. Even in the 23mm version I am riding.
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by Weenie

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