Hope brakes hoses with eTap levers

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by Trkorb


I need to fit some longer brake hoses as I'm doing a frameset swap on my road bike.

Current set-up is 11sp eTap levers connected to a pair of Hope RX4 callipers.

Sram don't sell just the hose, you have buy all the gubbins with it and they come out to around £60 for two which is a bit ridiculous.

My question is, can I fit Hope hoses onto this set-up? It'll save me around £50 and more importantly stick it to Sram for not making their hoses available in any reasonable way.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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by yinzerniner

Don't have any experience with the Hope hoses, but the Jagwire hoses work for ETAP HRD and are a decent bit cheaper then SRAM, even when you have to buy two kits per hose.

Don't know why you'd buy two hoses when you really only need one though - the rear brake hose can be shortened and reused for the front brake caliper. And you'll want to do a full system bleed anyways, otherwise there's just too many places where air can get into the line during detachment and cutting.

by Weenie

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by Trkorb

Thanks! I hadn't seen the Jagwire option - and at 3m I can just buy the one and cut as needed.

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Trkorb, I have been running the Jagwire hydro hoses with no problems and they have a lot of colors to choose from. They also sell the fittings separately so you can buy the right end pieces to fit SRAM on the lever side and then the Hope end fittings for the caliper side.

Good luck!

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