Road Boost 12x110 (110x12) and Hybrid Road 12x148 (148x12) from DT, Novatec, Shimano

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by TheRich

ooo wrote:
Sun Sep 01, 2019 3:50 pm
Peter Verdone post from January 13, 2019 about 110x12 in 2021 "100x12 should never have existed":

The market is currently flooded with fancy 100×12 wheels and exotic forks for road and gravel bikes. Cheap and expensive bikes are the same. Another boondoggle by the marketing idiots and roadies that don’t understand how bicycles work. Almost all of this happened long after mountain bikes had moved to 110mm front spacing. Going to 110×12 spacing was the OBVIOUS choice. The reasons are all the same.

But that’s not what happened. That change is going to happen in 2021 instead. Why? Because it took less effort to do less and make more money on secondary sales for upgrades that should have been stock years earlier.
The 100×12 wheel is 73% as strong pushing to the right and 93% pushing to the left compared to the 100×9 ND wheel.
The 110×12 wheel is 81% as strong pushing to the right and 7% stronger pushing to the left compared to the 100×9 ND wheel.
The 110×12 CL wheel is 12% stronger pushing to the right and 14% stronger pushing to the left compared to the 100×12 CL wheel.

Why is this important? With wheels, we want to use the lightest rims and get the most out of the spok thension that we can. Radial support for a wheel is easy but lateral support isn’t. By paying attention to the working angle of the spoke, we can significantly improve how the wheel performs in corners and when hitting rocks. We want wheels that can perform in extremes and not fail. Essentially, getting free strength from the geometry of the spokes is a simple part of this solution.
That doesn't make sense from a gravel standpoint, where you wouldn't want flimsy rims...and like with road bikes, the lateral loads just aren't that high anyway. (they don't have massive slip to grip shock loads like mountain bikes)

The HEC 1400 wheel has an internal width of 20mm, so it's not as if it's supposed to be used with wider tires, boost may just work better with the wide q-factor of having a mid-drive motor.

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by ooo

road disc (short chainstay, low q-factor) = boost front only
hybrid road = boost front + bost rear
gravel = boost and non boost rear + boost front
(shimano grx groupset optimised for boost rear)

Some numbers from DT (nothing about wider tires):





by Weenie

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by TobinHatesYou

spdntrxi wrote:
Mon Oct 07, 2019 1:44 am

in DTswiss language..
H- Hybrid (assistance)
E- Endurance
G- Gravel

maybe these are just more robust version to handle the extra weight and stresses of e-bikes

Thanks for reminding me. I forgot performance road e-bikes are one of the primary markets for the Boost Road push.

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by talltales

Road boost wont matter to most, as they just get a bike and ride it as is, not knowing or caring about nerdy bike mechanic details. - Just like many buy a DSL with F-mount, but never move beyond the kit lens. Same with proprietary everything 12s gearing. If needded or wanted, you just get what ever part fits and move on. If you want sheap parts and compatability, you should get a basic 10s or 9s bike, with some decent wheels and be happy :-)

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