2020 Schwalbe Pro One

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by la85


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by alanyu

la85 wrote:
Tue May 12, 2020 7:20 am
Cheers guys. Hasnt leaked any sealant but just hisses air in a spots.

Will give it a good spin horizontaly and see if that fixes it.
Same tiny leaking at sidewall here. A good spin horizontaly didn't fix my new pro ones. They dropped from 100psi to 40psi in just 24h.

One of them became better in three days, dropping from 80psi to 40psi in 48h which is kind of usable. Now it is better and better during weeks of using, leaking from 80psi to 50psi in four days and I believe that it's still getting better. However, another one just kept fast leaking which I cannot even ride on it. Schwalbe sealent or Orange sealent both cannot fix it. The seller sent me a new tire at last and I haven't tried that one.

TBH I have never met with this problem before, inclusing old pro ones. Though the performance and ride quality of 2020 pro one is very high, the quality or QC itself is very disappointing.

by Weenie

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by Alexbn921

use some soapy water to find the leak and spin the tire so the sealant covers the problem areas.

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by Nohands83

So after waxing lyrical about how good these are I’ve got some concerns about the QC as well. Purchased a set of 25s for my Argon, stretched on a rim with a tube for a couple of days the fitted first time with a track pump to my HED 4s. The rear measures 27.5mm all round, however the front measures 27.5mm for approx. 75% of the diameter then it drops to 26.75mm. You can also see the centreline drift off towards the rim at the point by around 1mm.

Weird I know, I presumed user install error so removed checked the beads and refitted. Same result. So fitted it to a different rim with a tube and same again. The wheels in question have had a set of GP5000s fitted previously with no similar issues, so I believe the tape job is good and consistent around the rim.

Will see what schwalbe say...

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by XCProMD

Wrong thread

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by markyboy

My new pro one wont stop leaking sealant.
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by spdntrxi

I just setup up a 25mm version on my front CLX64.(literally minutes ago). I had one pin whole exactly where you are showing yours. Luckily only 1 that the sealent has now taken care of it for me.
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by MasterBean

4,660km on the rear over 3 months of riding. 30mm mounted onto Aeolus Pro 3. 19.5mm internal rim width. Not sure how long these tyres are meant to last so can't complain as they are overkill for my type of riding. They're definitely easier to fit than the GP5000TL. Front one is still going. There was still sealant in there. Image

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by ManPants

Do any of y'all know what the story is with the little orange "TLE" tabs disappearing from the sidewalls?

See here, present at 9 o'clock on the rear tyre but absent from the front:


I ask because my rear tyre, which has the tab, holds air just fine, whereas the front, which doesn't, loses most of its air after 24 hours or so.

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by Nohands83

Spotted these on Wiggle, if I'm reading it right these look like a new transparent/brown sidewall (and tubeless) version of the Pro one evo. Anyone seen them in flesh?
https://www.wiggle.co.uk/schwalbe-pro-o ... -road-tyre

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by fizzaz

Super Race? These bad bois will be made of paper.

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by ms6073

ManPants wrote:
Sat Dec 26, 2020 10:38 am
Do any of y'all know what the story is with the little orange "TLE" tabs disappearing from the sidewalls?
Sorry for what is probably obvious response, but based on my experience ordering clincher Pro One's by mistake, if the tire does not have a TLE logo on the sidewall, then the tire is not tubeless ready.
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