2020 Schwalbe Pro One

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by justRideIt

Today, another Pro One tire was unexpectedly sitting flat on my Tarmac in the garage.
When I tried to pump it up, there was a small hole on the side wall close to the rim, but big enough that the tire would not properly inflate.
The Schwalbe Doc Blue sealant (which I think is made by Stans) did not seal, but made a mess in my garage.

I cannot recall that anything significant happened on my last ride 2 days ago that would've caused this. The hole is also not at a position where something easily cuts or slices into the tire.
The carbon rim does not show any signs of an impact, and during last Sunday's 110km ride everything was fine.
It looks like the hole is right at the end of one of the seams. In my eyes this looks like a faulty tire/ manufacturing issue. Have reached out to Schwalbe to assess it.

Besides that issue, both Schwalbe Pro Ones (28 mm in front, 30mm in rear) did not hold air well on the Roval CLX 50. Had to pump up before every ride.
Once they lost too much pressure, they became unseated quickly, i.e. collapsing from rim hook. Rim tape is okay, other tires did hold air properly on the CLX 50.

Roval CLX 50 and Schwalbe Pro One TLE is a no-no for me, and on top of that the disappointing Schwalbe quality... I am done with Schwalbe, never again.

Besides that: although the 30mm wide Schwalbe with sealant at lowish pressures feels comfortable, it also feels kinda sluggish when climbing and when accelerating out of the saddle... realized that today in direct comparison, since I had to put my lightweight wheels on w/ the 25mm Vittorias.

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by Weenie

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by Aeo

Schwalbe was good 3 years ago, when road tubeless was on the come-up.
Something dramatic has to happen for me to abandon the Vittoria Corsa.

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by TobinHatesYou

Yep, I have a pinhole puncture that refuses to seal completely, resulting in a very slow leak. My tire was sitting at 55psi after 48 hours, initially overinflated to about 90psi after I discovered the puncture so I could gauge whether it might strand me on a longer ride.

I’ll have to try again with Orange Seal instead of Bontrager sealant, but my Corsas have been so much better in every respect except reported Crr.

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Dan Gerous
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by Dan Gerous

TobinHatesYou wrote:
Tue Feb 18, 2020 11:16 pm
[...] but my Corsas have been so much better in every respect except reported Crr.
And weight... this is Weight Weenies after all! :mrgreen:

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by robbielawless

Just my 2 cents...
I rode the last version of the Pro Ones in 28mm on a pair of Enve 4.5ARs. I got about 5000kms out of them without a single puncture. They were looking pretty worn and I told myself many times to replace them before they gave up the ghost. That happened last weekend, an 8mm gash in the center of the back tyre that took two plugs to just about get me home.
I just got delivery of the new Pro One Addix model and, I have to say, it was the easiest tubeless set up ever...it took maybe 15 minutes total to remove and replace both tyres and add sealant. The new rubber feels stickier and there are wear indicators on the tyres now too, which is a welcome touch.
One thing to note is that the sizing has definitely been adjusted and is a lot more true-to-size now, as has been mentioned elsewhere. For some context, my last 28mm Pro One from 2018 measured 31mm on the 4.5AR rim, whereas the new 30mm Pro One Addix measures exactly 30mm on the same rim.

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by boots2000

I love my Schwable Pro One tires. They wearr so well that I forget about them.
On yesterdays ride I started spewing sealant. Stopped and discovered that my back tire was really worn, had many cuts, etc..
But the sealant worked- I wasn't losing pressure- I was able to complete my 3 hour ride without having to put a tube in!

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by gzon

I have ridden both the old Pro One TLR and the new Addix one. To me, the Addix TLR are the best tires right now; supple floating road feel, easy to mount, close to top level rolling resistance and confidence inspiring grip. Note that most of the road feel/grip is a subjective opinion.

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by Nohands83

I put a set of the 30s on my Mason definition as Merlin cycles had them for a really good price and I wanted to try something other than GP5000s.

Very impressed, for me descending / cornering is noticeably better than GP5000 - I say that as not a particularly confident descender as well. Not sure whether that’s due to grip but it works for me. Can’t say I’ve noticed the 2w RR difference, but I would happily race on these.

I’ve already bought another set for my Argon Gallium.

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by nonamed

This is what happened to my '20 Schwalbe Pro One TLE Addix Vguard. Noticed this after 400KM. Anyone experienced this failure?

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by la85

I have a new set of these. Few rides old but think they ride great.
It's the first time I've set up road tubeless.
30mls of stans no tubes sealant after seating them.
Rear holds air but front slowly leaks. Can hear it start to seep between tire and the rim... I can spin it and move tyres where it's leaking and the leak seals.
Any tips on how to fix this? Do I need to re bed it or add more sealant etc?


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by aeroisnteverything

@ la85: check current sealant level - add more if too little. If ok, then inflate the tyre and spin the wheel in horizontal orientation holding onto the hub (or the QR skewer) in order to spread the selant on the sidewalls. Then put the wheel onto a flower pot or something that would enable it to rest in a level horizontal position. Wait. Repeat with the other side down. That should enable the sealant to seal the edge between the rim and the tyre bead.

If the problem persist - could be a faulty tyre or a problem with rim tape.

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by kytyree

Could be a problem with the tape, may also need another layer of tape. I'm bad to forget adding another layer of tape as an option but it does often help if you've got a tire not holding air quite as long as it should.

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by Nohands83

@ la85: +1 on adding more sealant and moving it around the rim, had a similar issue with mine and this has resolved it.

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by la85

Cheers guys. Hasnt leaked any sealant but just hisses air in a spots.

Will give it a good spin horizontaly and see if that fixes it.

Is 30 grams of sealant standard?

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by TobinHatesYou

la85 wrote:
Tue May 12, 2020 7:20 am

Is 30 grams of sealant standard?

Depends on the sealant, TBH. Some sealants like Muc-Off and Finish Line are so thick that 30mL isn't enough to get it flowing around the wheel.

by Weenie

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