Headset cover seal – where to buy?

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by MayhemSWE

Headset covers usually have an o-ring against the fork steerer and a flanged seal which cover the bearing underneath. Does anyone know if these latter seals are standard parts, and if so what they're called, or are they typically all custom made for each individual headset or manufacturer?

Since Canyon wouldn't sell me the low profile headset cover I wanted, I modelled my own with the intention of 3D printing. Finding a suitable o-ring is obviously not an issue but the bearing seal has proven much more difficult.

So far I have only been able to find a single seal available as a spare part, the Hope HS125. This is perhaps a bit smallish though as it is sized to cover a bearing with outer diameter 41 mm, while my Canyon's straight 1-1/4" steerer has 44 mm bearings. Ideal seal size would be about 47 mm outer diameter and 36 mm inner.
Canyon Headset Cover.jpg
Canyon Seal Original.jpg

by Weenie

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