2019 Canyon Ultimate Headset replacement

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by ColnagoEPQ

I want to replace the Acros headset on my 2019 Canyon ultimate. I have seen a thread on the proper bearings to get. I want a top cap and other associated pieces so that I can install a threaded insert in the fork tobe and use a top cap and screw to adjust any play in the bearings. Any help would be appreciated.

by Weenie

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by MayhemSWE

Pretty sure every Ultimate for 2019 already shipped with a "normal" headset so I don't really get why you would need to replace it? At least all of the CF models definitely did, maybe if you managed to get one of the very last AL models those may have still shipped with the externally expanding Acros clamp.

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by khaostik

Search for giant OD2 headsets. They're compatible. As for the expander search for fourier 1 1/4 expander.


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