Lightweight Thru-Axles for gravel bike a good idea?

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by jfranci3

I don't think it'd be an issue. The J&L axles (recommended) i've got seem way stronger than they need to be. The axles don't actually need to be all that strong for day to day use. Most of the strength is there to ensure you can twist stuck threads from the other side, be durable while living with all the strains, and to make the system rigid. Most of the weight savings is done by removing features and machining the bolt down more. A bad axle would likely be obviously machined poorly or keep loosening up on you, so you'd probably be OK trying axles out.

by Weenie

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by boots2000

DT with removable QR lever- Best of both worlds. Almost as light as the Carbon-Ti axles (with QR removed)- You can use the QR or not. Also works with a 6mm hex key.

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by Lewn777

I like my DT Swiss with ti axles 90g or so but on the lighter side for strong reliable OEM skewers.

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