New Venge, Argonaut, or Bastion....

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New Venge, Argonaut, or Bastion....

Post by mile2424 »

I have asked about similar bikes in the past, but now throwing out Firefly for the time being (maybe down the road), and thinking of the following carbon frames between Venge, Argonaut, and Bastion. Anyone have any experience with Argonaut? They look beautiful, but I have never ridden or seen one in person. I like the looks of the Venge, and is the most modern and aero looking bike which I do really like and prefer. Something about the bespoke carbon is calling my name, but not sure if it's worth the wait or having the traditional looks with exposed cables, etc. Any of my options wouild get custom painted as well so stock colors and options isn't a concern.

I know everyone loves or hates the Big S, but interesting to hear people's thoughts on Argonaut vs. Bastion and how they compare?

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Re: New Venge, Argonaut, or Bastion....

Post by romanmoser »

Argonaut , had a few issues with headtube detaching on the first ones in CF, seems all good right now. T47 bb and 44mm headtube yes ! Nice paints options, ISP or not
Crumpton is not to be outruled
Bastion are nice too , but I'm not sure about setting myself the rigidity levels etc of the frame.
Pursuit Cycles are nice small batch carbon frames made by Carl Strong and a few others , different layup available ( sprinter,rouleur, climber)

They will age nicer than a product made in big serial ,
may not be able to sell them if th'ats your thing and get back on your feet, compared to a "" specialized " venge ( the apple of bikes , with all the good and all the bad )
I don't think everyone hates or loves the S, I love the evade 2, some of their saddles, tires, shoes, gloves ,
Their frames are good, overrated certainly like rapha and others things, and they have that global systemic vision you may or may not like .

I too like nicely cabless front end
But you can have something quite neat with carbon stem handlebar 2 pieces or combo and heat shrink tape

The Venge is disc only tough
The others are not

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Re: New Venge, Argonaut, or Bastion....

Post by morrisond »

I had one (an Argonaut) a few years ago before T47 and the new rear dropouts in Rim brake - nice bike but it wasn't quite as stiff as I wanted. That being said I have also found most Ti not stiff enough either and am Currently on an Columbus HSS Steel Bike with Huge Chainstays - that's stiff enough for me.

How big are you and how much stiffness do you want? Really stiff I think Bastion would be a better option - I haven't had one but have seen a few at Blacksmith in Toronto.

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Re: New Venge, Argonaut, or Bastion....

Post by Stendhal »

Excellent options. Indeed, at this price range — the very upper end — why not also consider a true Italian customizable frame like Sarto, Exept, I am sure there are others. Or Festka. For super custom, Tsubasa.
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