Real world experience new sphyre road shoes in WIDE

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by jasjas

I use r321 in wide and heat moulded them, plenty of room but they are a bit worn out now.

I tried the rc901 in wide in the same size and a size up, both narrow and stiff, maybe they'd losen up but i wish they'd used the heat mouldable material.

I ve ordered some Gaerne stilo's 2019 as they might do the trick as i havn't particularly wide feet, about 5mm wider than a nominal D fitting, not quite an E.

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by jlok

Hexsense wrote:
Thu Aug 15, 2019 5:52 pm
I came from Bont wide size 40.5 to Sphyre RC9 (900 not 901) size 40 wide.
On the Bont, i have issue with left foot. Even after heat molding 3 times, my left foot behind 5th metatarsal ( behind ball of the foot at pinky toe side) crash into Bont's stiff sidewall. The toe width is plenty but i just have problem there. I feel it touch just a little bit each time i wear. But it feel so much worse after hours of riding in heat. I wonder if Asian fit Bont would fit me better than Wide Bont... Haven't try one yet.

On the Sphyre RC9,although the carbon base is narrower than bont, there isn't a stiff sidewall my left foot can crash into. Therefore i have no such problem. It is much more comfortable for my wide feet.
That's a real problem I have experienced. The only solution is to use force at that area during heat mold. If that doesn't work, give up the Bont.
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