Yaw Front Derailleur with 10 Speed Group

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by Pinguin

Im using Sram Red 10 Speed Shifter and will improve shifting performance
Now i am using DA 7900 Derailleur but want to try Srams Yaw
Is this combination better,does it work,but Yaw is for eleven speed

by Weenie

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by Jugi

SRAM has used the same cable pull ratio across all 10spd road and MTB groups and 11spd road groups ("Exact Actuation"). As far as I know, because of that SRAM's 10spd and 11spd components should work better together than mixing manufacturers. However I haven't tried to use a Shimano FD with SRAM's levers, so can't really comment on how much different it is. After alignment, mechanical 2spd front derailleurs should be relatively easy to adjust even with components not designed to work with each other, as the FD's job is so simple.

Read this article for reference.

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