Sworks tarmac frameset vs tarmac pro frameset vs emonda sl ?

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by Geodroid

How would you compare these 3? I can't seem to find any info on how much an sworks tarmac or a tarmac pro frameset weigh.

I recently got an emonda sl6, but I'm already looking towards my next NBD because now I want something that has dropped seat stays.

The tarmac pro frameset is 2500$, sworks is 4000$, what do you get for the extra 1500$?

is the tarmac pro framset = to the emonda sl? or is it noticebably better? if so in what way?

Is going from an emonda SL to a tarmac pro a worthwhile upgrade? Or is it more of a side grade?

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by jasonh

To me, Emonda SL to Tarmac is lateral move. If you’re deciding between Tarmacs and Emondas, figure S Works vs Emonda SLR.
I’d also strongly recommend riding both an sworks and a tarmac back to back, if possible. The “regular” Tarmacs are SO SO good. Just thing about how amazing of a wheelset you can buy with $1500!
To answer the question sworks vs Tarmac. The tarmac uses fact 10r carbon fiber, as opposed to the ultralight and stiff fact 11r carbon fiber. Same mold. Same geo.
Again, the regular Tarmacs have been phenomenal since their SL2 model, and have only gotten better.

by Weenie

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by dudemanppl

Tarmac Pro > Emonda SLR

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by Jugi

Geodroid wrote:How would you compare these 3? I can't seem to find any info on how much an sworks tarmac or a tarmac pro frameset weigh.
Tarmac weigths have been compared in length on this board. I can't be bothered to find the best comparisons, but I think they reside in the Specialized Tarmac SL6 -thread (the longest one you can find).

As a very crude estimation, in medium sizes (54/56) with a dark paint scheme and rim brake compatibility, you can expect an S-Works frame to weigh about 800g and and similar Pro frame will be about 950g. Forks weigh 310-350g depending on final steerer length. A disc frameset's frame and fork will weigh about 50g more each.

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by reedplayer

isnt the emonda slr much, much lighter than any tarmac-version (even the so-called "ultralight")?

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