Transfer Look cleats position to Shimano SPD-SL

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by win32

Is there any way to transfer position of my Look cleats to new Shimano SPD-SL cleats?
I'm using old Look Keo pedals and now I want to buy Shimano Ultegra R8000 pedals but before I buy pedals I need info can I transfer position of my Look cleats to Shimano SPD-SL cleats?
If that's not possible maybe I will stay on Look and just buy Look Keo 2 Max Blade (or some similar to them).

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by Weenie

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by zefs

Can't you use the shoe's marks?

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by mr_tim

You are a bit stuck as the cleat shape is different.

At best try and grid up the centre line of the cleat relative to the pedal axle point. Easy to do with bonts which have a nice grid on the sole... awkward for most other things.

tbh it cannot really be so tricky to just start over ?

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Dan Gerous
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by Dan Gerous

Trace the centerlines of the cleats onto the shoe soles (use whatever marks the soles, otherwise put some masking tape before), the y axis (front to back) should be pretty easy, the x axis (side to side) is sometimes marked on the side of cleats (if not, clip the shoe in the pedal and mark on each side where the center of the axle is). Then you have marked the fore-aft, side-to-side position and angle. Then it's easy to install SPD-SL cleats to match as they have little marks for the center/axle line.

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by win32

Thanks m8s! I will try with some of that methods.
Cleats is not the same (ofc) and that's why I ask is it possible to transfer position of Look cleats to SPD-SL cleats.
I don't have any fitter around me and I need some time to place cleats at ok position.
What’s Look alternative to Shimano Ultegra R8000 pedals?

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by eric01

I think it’d be the Keo Blade carbon. Look’s range is a little confusing especially as previous models are still being sold in retail chain.

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ome rodriguez
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by ome rodriguez

Both look keo cleats and shimano spd-sl cleats have a center mark. Before removing look cleats, mark the sole in line with the center mark. When installing the shimano spd sl cleats just line the center mark with the marked sole

by Weenie

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by Gary71

Dan's suggestions are on point. You should put a strip of tape on the side of your shoes and mark up your current cleats relative to your axles etc.
See this video (@3:30mins) as demonstration.

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