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by Berzin1

Now that I have my ti frame all built up it's time to think about a dedicated climbing bike. Carbon will be the frame material, and I will make the purchase from a custom frame builder. Right now I'm looking at Sarto, Calfee Design, Landshark, Crumpton, Parlee, and Appleman. Price is a consideration, but so is what is offered in the initial price.

So here are a few questions-

1) Best BB option-T47?

2) Regular Dura Ace cranks and brakes, or can I go with Clavicula without losing much in terms of performance?

3) What about a Cannondale crankset? Can they be purchased separately? I went to their website and they are not offered separately.

4) Does Enve sell rims separately or only complete wheels?

5) Seatpost, stem and handlebars-thinking Darimo for all three. Reason-customization. I can go with a 125 stem mated with an extra stiff handlebar. Also thinking having the stem/handlebar combo wrapped in carbon as a one peice like Calfee does. Any pros/cons to this potential setup?

6) Feel free to mention any other frambuilder you feel I should add to the list.

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by alanyu

1) T47 is of course nice if 50ish more grams is not a problem. Want ligher? BB386 is good. I will always stay away from BB30.

2) I would like to recommend Easton EC90SL crankset (It's 386 spindle). Both lighter and stiffer than DA crankset. They also provide a power meter spindle.

3) Check on ebay for 99% new or a used one.

4) Yes, they sell rims separately, but you will pay too much for the brand's name. Enve's rims/wheels are not worth the price.

5) No experience with those.

by Weenie

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by joeyb1000

+1 on Sarto.
I would add Holland to the list.

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by hambini

1. Any BB is fine provided it meets the specifications. However there are a couple to avoid BBright (Cervelo spec is terrible), BB90 (Trek Spec is terrible).

2. I would go with DA cranks

3. Cannondale engineering is more slack than a wizards cuff.
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by dmp

also you may want to add Argonaut to the list (not that I am trying to make your decision more complicated, but they are great frames and can be had as full custom - layup as well as geometry)

by Weenie

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by Berzin1

@dmp-Right now I'm in the preliminary stages of doing research, so any company that I may have missed in my initial list is more than welcome.

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