best way to remove frame decals!!!

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
Resident Pro
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by mike

Warblade wrote:9 pounds...thats insane. I'm limited to 14.96lbs(6.8kg)...stupid UCI!

but at least you are not limited personally to building your ww bike as your hobby.

grose tete
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by grose tete

How many grams to shave by removing the decals?

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by CaptainWilier

Gold Knight wrote:Just bought a 2006 Ghisallo titanium frame for my next WW build--would like to know the best way to remove those decals!!!

thank you

Don't tell Herbert. :lol:

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by Herbert

Acetone is indeed the best way to remove decals, but as bikemesenger pointed out that is indeed only a few grams. Plus as Captain Wilier already pointed out, it'll make me very sad if those decals go away. :-(

Congrats on your new toy though and have fun with this WW project. :thumbup:



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by DocRay

PNuT wrote:nutter :lol:

complete nutter.

the decal weight will equal the weight of road dirt in about 50km, unless he actually doesn't ride the bike.

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by Boonen

I wouldn't have taken the decals off for 4 grams, but maybe that's just me :noidea:
Sounds like you have some project going on! Do you already have a full build list?

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by theremery

I wonder what inflating the tyres with Helium would save..........perhaps 1/2 a sticker??
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