Michelin or Conti or Pirelli or ... ?

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by dmp

I have been very happy with the power comps. I think that they are a bit less durable than the Pro4's in terms of longevity, but I have not had any of the flat problems that some people complain of (I am also only 130lbs/ 59kg, so that may make a difference). I just put a set of Vittoria Corsa Graphene's on (the older version, currently on sale at ProBike Kit for I think about $56 for a pair- great deal!) and they are fantastic.

The 23mm power comps measure 25.3mm on my wheels (Stan's 340 rims).

by Weenie

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by Hexsense

Do not use Michelin Power Competition if you wheels are relatively wide.
I got side wall explosion cut that end the tire's life in less than 1000mi of each 3 Power Competition tires.
Later figured out that their center thread is narrow, and side wall is very fragile. It come into contact of the road on wide rim whenever my bike is not completely vertical.

Conti 5000 is good, their grip isn't that stellar but should still better than thick endurance focus tires.

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by StanK

sychen wrote:
Fri Jul 26, 2019 3:31 pm
... Love the feel of veloflex masters.. But their braking behaviour is not the best.. Breaks loose more easily.
Best still specialized turbo cottons... Fast, durable enough.. Braking great in wet or dry...
Veloflex look interesting.
But I don't understand part with braking. Isn't that funktion of wheels (rims) and brake pads? I never got different braking after swapping tires. Unless you talk about locked-wheel braking, which I doubt somehow.

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