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by Hexsense

Put stuff together doesn't take long. Adjust it to perfection is what take most time.

Last month, i even spend whole one hour to adjust stem and fork alignment, test ride then micro adjust it again. It seems to never straight/align. During the ride i also notice that my pedal stance is also not symetrical, need one more 1mm spacer to the left pedal. Then back to stem adjustment again...

I really like when seatpost and handlebar turn aero, it means i never have to align round seatpost ever again. And i can just use spirit level to align bar rotation on the flat wing surface. Wish something happen to steerer tube someday to aid the alignment...

by Weenie

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by Belshazzar

Calnago's got a pretty good list of all the little small things that go into a real quality build. Sometimes it takes me 3-4 times trimming just a *little* more off the cable housing to get it to arc just the way it should. +1 for the Shimano cable grease as well, and grease on the skewer, cage bolts, etc. I used to know a guy who counted the wraps on each side of the bar tape, but that's a bit much for me.

A good mechanic should be able to build a rim brake bike from the frame up in 2-3 hours easy. However, as to the OP's question, my advice is don't rush your mechanic. I'm not totally sure what the difference between 2 and even 5 hours is in terms of "I need it quick", though if your mechanic says he needs 5 hours to build your bike I might not necessarily trust his skills.

Anyway, just be chill, don't hover, and bring beer, and your mechanic will take care of you.

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by bm0p700f

It's not so much how long one job takes but how much work is on at that time. Staff leave, customers walking through the door, shit that just lands, phone calls all take time...

Building a bike can take 2.5 hrs or it can all day depending on what it is and how much grief it gives.

The pinarello in the shop which is having an Athena eps battery replaced is one of those grief jobs. The whole bike came apart because it was in bad shape. The wiring is awkward and the recharging port is all that has to be reconnected now. Then the whole thing has to be reassembled. As that a complete build its probably around 4 to 5hrs and half that trying to get the cables through the frame. I need two Athena cable guide eps kits and because campagnolo eps guide kits have cables which are not attracted to a magnet the park tool internal routing kit was needed too. That's just to get the 4 main wires in and plugged in. Now I have to fish out the charging port which will require removing the battery and wiring thats all plugged in now so I do loose the ends in the frame and then attatch the guide kit to the charging port and pull it through. The cables are simply not long enough otherwise and I think the battery has been in and out three times in total to get the job this far. Each time a couple of wires are done.

If there is a quicker way I'm all ears.

Rorie has a pet hate for campagnolo now. I almost joked we could improve this bike by fitting di2. It would be simpler.

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by Berzin1

Belshazzar wrote:
Tue Jul 23, 2019 10:23 pm
Anyway, just be chill, don't hover, and bring beer, and your mechanic will take care of you.
Bring your mechanic beer AFTER he finishes his work.

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