Cracked carbon downtube, seeking advice

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by simurs4

So I took abit of a tumble last night on my old faithful SL3 S-Works. The bike landed quite hard but I more or less was totally unscathed.
I was not far from home yesterday when it happened so I just rode home slowly and checked it properly once I got back, only to find that the downtube has cracked almost the whole way round, about half way down the tube.
I have had this bike new since 2011 and it has been through alot, including being raced on in the past and being hit by cars on a couple of occasions. The last time this happened was 2 years ago when the fork cmpletely severed in two, requiring a replacement.
Since this bike is somewhat sentimental to me, I would prefer not to junk it but retire it to stationary trainer duties only.
My question is if anybody here have successfully had a carbon repair carried out on a similar spot and were able to continue using the bike afterwoods? I have no intention of using it on the road again after this, so I would think that using it on the trainer would not be quite os bad. If this is a stupid idea please let me know!

by Weenie

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by Marin

Should be an easy repair, look for a good repair shop.

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by alcatraz

You'd be surprised to know how much is repairable.

A big repair shop here in China is showing pictures of a head tube with big chunks missing, repaired looking as new.

It's not cheap though and the whole frame will probably need repainting. That's what inflates the cost as it will need to be sanded/sandblasted and completely repainted. Logos cost a lot to make and add.

A friend fixed his down tube. It ended up costing -250usd for the repair, ~250usd for the paint job and another 30usd for the logos that exceeded the ones included in the paint job price.

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by simurs4

Cheers for the replies. I have seen some pictures of pretty gnarly carbon damage that has been repaired to look almost better than new, so I think I'll give it a go.

If the damage was in one of the seat stays or chain stays I may be abit more hesitant but the down tube I would think would not suffer from as much stress torsionally.

Luckily my SL3 is a Project Black so its just raw carbon with some clear coat and a couple white S-Works logos. So if anything I would just get the thing clear coated again and leave the logos off, since it will just sit on the trainer once its fixed.
Now to start looking for repairers around Munich.

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