Seatpost safety concerns?

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by addictR1

I have a 3T Doric seatpost. On my new frame its a bit short since I previously cut it.

The height I need it at, I checked and it had about 1” inserted into the frame.

Is that not safe?

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by Weenie

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by skyliner1004

i dont know whats the industry standard for seatpost safety, but 1" is not safe...

the good thing for you now is... you get to go seatpost shopping! Whats a good WW seatpost these days?
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by Alexbn921

Not safe. You need around 100mm of insertion.

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by Calnago

Uh, nope. I’d want at least 10cm.
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by pdlpsher1

Yeah. The safety issue is on both the seatpost and the frame. The minimum insertion helps distribute the load on your bike's seat tube. A too short of a seatpost inside the seat tube can cause the seatpost to break. Some frames manufacturers will deny a warranty claim if they suspect too short of a seapost was used.

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by addictR1

It’s going onto my new build: T1SL
But yea guess it’s time to shop for new seatpost

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by Weenie

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