2018 CAAD12 Disc Weight Loss - What else?

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by TonyW1981

Hi all, first post here

I bought a 2018 CAAD12 Disc a month ago, as the price was just too good from Paul’s Cycles. This is to be my all purpose bike and for some crit racing (as I want to keep my Venge Pro for those nice Summer days).

The bike as standard weighed in at a hefty 9.5kg. I’ve now done a lot of modifications and it’s coming it at 8kg exactly (no water bottle holders or pedals). I’ve still got the lighter 105 hydraulic hoods to fit (bar tape to go on, so going to add a little more weight) and the Si SL Hollowgram crank arms to fit too.

I should see it as 7.8/9kg once finished. I’ve listed below all the parts I have swapped out, including the weight of the standard component and the new component.

Question is what else can be done to shave some further weight (except spending big money and swapping out the entire groupset or going even lighter on the wheels, but they’re a pretty good weight already)

Standard - Scwhalbe Lugano 282g
New - S-Works Turbos 244g

Inner Tubes
Standard - Kendra Inner tube 121g
New - Cont Inner tube 101g

Standard - Front Muzza 62g
Standard - Front Hunt 62g

Rear Wheels
Maddux RD20 1216g
Hunt Aerolight Disc 836g

Front wheels
Standard - Front Maddux RD20 999g
New - Hunt Aerolight Disc 685g

New - Hunt wheels Front 57g
New - Hunt wheels rear 63g
Swapped out for - Lifeline wheels front 21g
Swapped out for - Lifeline wheels rear 23g

Handlebars & Stem
Standard - Handlebars 316g
Standard - Stem 137g
New - Deda Superleggera Stem 110m 121g
New - FSA K-Force handlebars 440mm 197g

Standard - Shimano RS505 332g (each)
New - Shimano 105 306g (each)

Seatpost & Seat
Standard - seatpost 318g
Standard - seat 258g
New- Cannondale Save seatpost 199g
New - S-Works Power Carbon Saddle 143mm 161g (taken from previous bike)

standard 110g
New - Supacaz 98g

Standard- 105 Cassette 272g
New - Ultegra Cassette 245g

Standard TBC
Hollowgram TBC

by Weenie

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by jlok

Tubolito S-Tubo inner tubes? It's 48g for a pair.
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