S-Works Tarmac SL6 - Tidying up the front end (One piece bar & stem)

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by rsantos450

Does it fit the Canyon H31 Ergocockpit ? because of the headset top case.
https://www.canyon.com/pt-pt/gear/compo ... off=CARBON

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by rsantos450

It need this and i can't find in the site.Image

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by rlanger

blehargh wrote:
Sun Nov 03, 2019 5:41 pm
rlanger wrote:
Sun Nov 03, 2019 12:59 pm

Did you route the cables yourself through the Aerofly? Have one on order and just curious about what I'm in for. Was it difficult?
I didn't think it was too bad - but I am using the park took internal wiring kit with magnets.

Found it easier to route the housing through the shifter hole first and then through the frame.

Also if you're going to do shrink wrap, make sure you think thru the whole process a couple times. For some reason it was mentally challenging for me and I could've messed it up at multiple points
So I was able to manage the cable routing without too much trouble using a ZTTO cable routing tool.

The only real challenge I had was getting the Di2 cable from the left bar end, where I put my bar-end junction, around the handlebar bend and out of the shifter hole. Took a little bit of patience, but was able to get it done. Don't think I would have been able to manage it without the tool though.

All the other routings were an absolute breeze.

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