Mid-tier integrated Chinese carbon bars

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by rlanger

In the last 6 months or so, maybe a little longer, a slew of fully-integrated carbon bars have appeared on sites like aliexpress.com, that are not super cheap, but more in the US$100+ range.

https://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?ca ... arbon+bars

I never wanted to take my chances on the super cheap bars, given the horror stories floating around regarding quality. But with an increase in price, one would hope there is also an increase in quality control and overall build quality.

Has anyone been brave enough to try any of these out yet?

by Weenie

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by alanyu

I was living in China. When talking about cheap integrated carbon bars, only "the one", released over one year ago, was reliable at that time. Now the second version is selling @ 1k CNY / 145 USD on taobao. It has been used by some famous Chinese amateurs.
https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a2 ... =16#detail

Farsports has released their new integrated carbon bars recently, which should be also reliable. It looks much nicer than the one, but not that cheap, pre-ordering @ 1.8k CNY / 260USD.
https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a2 ... =16#detail

I suppose they will ship them worldwide if you pay for the shipping.

It's wise to go away from super cheap chinese carbon bars, horrible QC. Here are some examples posted online.

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by rlanger

Great info @alanyu! Thanks.

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by Gary71

The weight for the Farsports seems light. I'd be interested in the 'real' weight if anyone has used them. No photos on cable routing....., has anyone seen these?

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by alcatraz

We have five cheap integrated bars in our group and no failures yet.

A heavy rider had a high speed crash and damaged one of the drops. It didn't break into two pieces. We were kind of impressed that it wasn't more damaged. The trek frame's damage was more severe.

It was the bontrager xxx copies. He'll buy them again.

I have the same bars, and have had two crashes where the bars took some impacts. One superman over the bars (damn dog ran out in front) and one where I tried to go fast around a hairpin bend and lost rear wheel traction. In both occasions I just continued riding afterwards.

Note that bars with internally routed cables are heavier and _weaker_. After the success with the xxx bars and the good looks of the internally routed cables we now have three aero bars in the group too. Those don't look as safe as the xxx bars.

The first generation aero bars had holes drilled in the round tube near the shifters, the newest generation moved the holes closer to the stem to avoid weakening the bars.

The attached picture shows the old model.

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by bremerradkurier

Very few of them seem to weigh less than a Kalloy Uno UL stem combined with one of the better Ali carbon handlebars.

by Weenie

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by Hexsense

I still have Kalloy Uno stem.
But it moved to my commuter bike. I no longer use it on race bike.

While it is light,
Pro Vibe Di2 stem (130g) is clearly stiffer by pushing down the bar with my weight test. This extra stiffness worth the weight for me.
Then Specialized Venge stem (205g) is yet another step stiffer than Pro Vibe stem. They claim it to be stiffer than Zipp SL-Sprint stem, which i feel that both are brutally stiff that i can't tell difference between them anymore. And this level of stiffness is probably very overkill for me, I'm not Sagan nor even a decent sprinter...

Hope all these light integrated bar aren't so flexible. Atleast, match the Pro Vibe level and not the Kalloy Uno level.

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