Fulcrum Speed 40t vs Schmolke TLO45 (tubulars)

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by ccie10251

Guys please help me! Still can't decide between getting a Fulcrum Speed 40t (USD1800) vs Schmolke TLO45 (USD2600).
Currently own Fulcrum Racing Zero - very impressed with the USB bearing, but has been wanting to get something lighter and a bit aero (not that it matter, I'm hippo-shaped).
also have an Easton EC90 Aero55 Gen6 (2nd hand) - even after changing all the bearings to Enduro VV Zero, still can't get that smooth rolling feel of the Fulcrum.
The TLO45 is very light in tubular, but I worried that Tune/Extralite hub - even with ceramic bearings - will not be as good as Fulcrum's CULT. Anyone has experience with both?

by Weenie

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by alcatraz

Get wheels with preload adjusters. Then you can set the bearing preload just right to minimize friction.

To reduce the friction even more then maybe get (at a weight penalty) a higher quality cup/cone hub like fulcrum/campy/shimano/etc have on their wheels. That means big ball bearings and no seals.

Use a low viscosity grease and if set properly those wheels will spin smooth as butter.

I'm probably staying with sealed bearings because I'm a weight weenie. I would use no contact seals on certain sides of the bearings where there is little or no contamination, and low contact seals on the sides where there is contamination.

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by hannawald

No experience with Schmolke but Fulcrums are great. Compared them to Ffwd 45mm wheels on the same bike with dt180 and Fulcrums were more direct, better acceleration and uphill rading.

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