Lubricating derailleurs and brake pivots

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by devonbiker


Anyone recommend a good multi purpose oil for lubricating brake caliper pivots, derailleur pivots, jockey wheels, springs etc? I have a few different oils kicking around in the shed but not sure what to use: 3 in 1 multipurpose, muc-off bike protector spray, shimano ptfe lube, mucoff hydrodynamic chain lube, juicelubes wet lube, juice lubes dry lube. I generally wash the drivetrain once every two weeks and commute every day.

I normally just apply muc off hydrodynamic wet lube after I've washed the bike and de-greased the chain and drivetrain then spray muc off bike protector spray (similar to gt40) over the entire bike, with the rims and brake pads covered.

Should I be using something more specialist for derailleurs and brake calipers? Does any part of the rear derailleur need to be greased? I noticed there was some in the spring when the bike was new but this has now all but washed out.


by Weenie

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by tarmackev

I do much pretty much the same as you and have been for 30 years. No problems yet.
I'll use whatever lube I have within reason.

The biggest thing I would say is regardless of the lube never let anything get too gunky and black of too dry. Clean and minimal lube as often as needed.

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by TobinHatesYou

Basically use whatever you have on hand, but I do prefer something dryish or intermediate...Dumonde Tech Lite or Boeshield T-9 are good standbys.

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by ghisallo2003

Me too, but I think GFK from Campag has some feedback, particularly on over-sprayed rear mechs with polymer/rubber based pivot points and bushes that degrade when sprayed before being put away for winter. I might be mis-remembering though !

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