Another aero disc bike joins the crowd: Cube C68X

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by mrlobber ... road-bike/

I can see that they've basically kept the rear end from C68 SLT tri / C68 Disc TT bikes, just trimmed it down a little to fit inside "UCI boxes".
From my experience, the C68 tri bike is one of the most underrated superbikes out there (and it rides really well too), so this new bike might be an interesting alternative to the "big players" bikes.

And it is (relatively) cheap, compared to the other cosmic prices: Di2 setup with Dtswiss wheels goes for 6.5k EUR.
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by Weenie

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by NordicSal

I think it looks really cool! I am not in the market right now, but if I was it would be after this or the newest Focus Izalco Max. Sadly the new cube only comes in a 60 cm option, with a 560 mm seat tube. I don't think I will be able to get my saddle high enough, unfortunately. ... hite-2020/

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by spdntrxi

that looks like everyone else aero bike all lumped together.. this from this, that from that... cant say I am a fan.
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by kgt

Does not look that great...

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by wheelsONfire

Alot of bike for the money!

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by Hexsense

The way they handle size scaling for smaller size should be highlighted and ashamed.
Same reach across size 50,52,54 (and it is extra long for the size at 388-389mm), just different stack.
Single fork offset for the entire size range. Varying head tube angle to get desired toe clearance without worrying about trail value that is the result of head tube angle and fork offset combination.

Basically, you get compromised geometry if you buy size 50 and 52 Cube Litening.

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by wheelbuilder

Never cheer before you know who is winning

ome rodriguez
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by ome rodriguez

The bottom bracket area looks like it came from an e-bike.

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by benzebub

A rider from Wanty group-Gobert had to ride this bike in the TTT at the TdF yesterday (last minute rejection of his TT bike setyp).

His teammate said he wasn't dropped until the final kilometre, so perhaps this says something about the aero quality of this bike?
But I could be wrong

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by NordicSal

Well yea, maybe it does. The bike certainly looks fast, I think. However, it's worth noting that Wanty was the slowest team yesterday, by quite a significant margin. The Danish commentators talked about someone who had to do it on a normal bike once, and he fell for the time limit.

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by pmprego

If you weight in the price this is great value bike. For those that cant pay 10k professionals bikes this is very interesting. I prefer the look of the venge pro, yeah, of course but for the same price I'm getting durace di2 or even maybe sram axs with some ceramic bearings wheels (depending on the lbs offering some discount). Not even Canyon, with a 3 ou 4 year old frame, offers such good value.

Regarding geometry I'm an average Joe so all good for me. Size 54 please :)

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by moyboy

looks like an Aeroad + Timemachine

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by spdntrxi

moyboy wrote:
Fri Jul 12, 2019 4:21 pm
looks like an Aeroad + Timemachine
2019 BMC TM01 Road UCI config 7.36kg

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by otnemem

Anyone knows if they also partnered with Swiss Side while developing this bike as they did with others?

by Weenie

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