Lost my EPS v1 Campagnolo battery charger

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by clevhier

Hello guys,
I read all the forum and browsed all the internet with this issue.

I lost my EPS v1 battery charger.
As I understand there is no option to buy it online. I even offered double/triple price for it, but failed.
On this forum I found an advice to buy EPS v2 charger and battery. Now it is the only option for me (unless I find the charger somewhere).

1) Does anyone have experience of changing EPS v1 for v2 battery? Any risks or possible issues?
2) Does anyone have specification for the battery charger v1 output (voltage etc). I want to try to modify v2 for v1.

Thank you in advance!

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by Miller

EPS v2 was a worthwhile improvement over EPS v1. The biggest change was the possibility to mount the battery internally for a clean look. However the v2 battery can also be mounted externally. If you get the v2 battery then you'll also need the v2 interface.

If you're at the point of maybe needing to do this, why not look at jumping forward to getting a v3 battery and interface? All the mechs and shifters should still work fine. Charging is easier as you only need to plug into the interface.

Doesn't the campag documentation specify charger output voltage somewhere? But I do think you should abandon v1 batteries, not least because they must all be at least 5 years old now.

by Weenie

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by Butcher

I gave away my last one awhile ago.

I second the idea of an upgrade. The smaller battery installed properly will look much better.

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by joeyb1000

I changed one from v1 to v3. No problem at all.
I changed the other to v2 battery and kept the v1 interface. No problems. If you don't get the v2 interface, you lose some diagnostic lights. I did not use their mounting hardware; I wrapped it in foam and pushed it down the seattube.

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