Raising slammed stem

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by Boshk

How safe/unsafe is this:

Used Colnago bike
Colnago fork expander are usually 3in long

The bike is slammed, so the fork has been cut.

Is it possible to place a 10mm spacer below the stem, get discarded carbon fork tube from LBS, cut 10mm off, place it on top of my fork tube and secure it with expander, stem and cap?

by Weenie

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by gorkypl

I would not even consider this as a repote possibility.
Invert the stem or contact your local carbon tech shop to extend the steerer tube.

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by Klaster_1

Maybe flip a 17/20 deg stem? If that's not enough, put riser road bar like S-Works Aerofly on.
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by eric01

A definite no. Don’t risk it. Get a positive rise stem but don’t mess with the fork steere
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by Bluechip

If you don't want a high rise stem you could always get a new fork or used one with a longer steerer tube.

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by alanyu

At least 2/3 of the upper bolt should not exceed the steerer.

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by TobinHatesYou

Are you looking to suffer a serious trauma?

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by ancker

Buy a replacement fork with a longer steerer tube.

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by HeluvaSkier

If you are only looking for 10mm, a zero-degree rise stem will easily get you that much vertical height at the bars (assuming your stem is a modest 6 degrees, at least 100mm and you haven't already flipped it). Easton EA90 with Ti bolts is a nice light option with reasonable aethetics.

If you've flipped your stem already, consider going to a 10 or 12 degree stem... Revisiting highschool trigonometry... I think roughly speaking that for a 100mm stem, every 6 degrees gives about 10mm in bar height change.

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by alcatraz

Positive angle stem is choice no 1.

After that maybe look into getting a dropbar shaped like the specialized venge where the clamp area has a low offset.

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by pdlpsher1

The cheapest way to add stack height is to rotate the bars upward. Not ideal but worth a try and it’s free. Just a tiny bit of rotation will make a big difference.

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by Boshk

thanks for the advise. Time to look for a 'higher' degree stem.

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by Wookski

It’s only 10mm, keep riding it and soon enough you’ll get used to the position.

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by tmchen

Or maybe you can try a raised handlebar?

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by Bogan

As Klaster commented, Aerofly riser bar.

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