Custom steel v carbon

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by GothicCastle

Get a Cinelli Nemo Tig. Great frame and they'll do custom geometry and custom paint if you want.

A Columbus Spirit frame with DA or Record mechanical is a beautiful thing to ride.

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by Robbyville

Best of both worlds?

Speedvagen modern steel custom built to your geometry, with carbon seat tube upgrade to go along with carbon seat post, fork, and bars... just a thought!

Nicest riding bike I’ve ever had although more twitchie on descents from my previous Domane (which I knew going in)

by Weenie

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by benzebub

My only bike is a custom steel bike. I started getting serious about cycling when I was very heavy so I was afraid of the carbon bikes weight limit.
Since then I've lost some weight and was looking for a new bike this year.

I tested a lot of carbon frames, thinking this was the way to go. I was excited because finally I could experience the carbon feeling of stiffness, acceleration,...
After a couple of months of testing I put in the order for another custom steel frame.
But I could be wrong

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by octav

As an owner or former owner of Colnago/Pinarello/Willier/Bianchi carbon/steel/alu bikes and for the moment having a C60 and a Master I can say that descending is maybe a little nicer with the Master than C60. It has a feeling of it's own. No way to compare it uphill but downhill and rolling it's very nice and stable.
I am also thinking of getting a Stelbel custom frame, maybe next year :D

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by breezerboy

Having owned a Master Extra-Lite I can appreciate the sublime ride a nicely built Master gives. My vote is for a more modern custom steel frame. There are many nice options out there, but as an owner of 3x Pegorettis I am a little biased.

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by Italophile ... n-frameset

If you're not picky about brand names and you like the geometry, this frame is certainly worth a look. £600 for Columbus spirit tubing is a very attractive price point - a frame of the same material from Italian brands (off the peg) can run into 1.5k+. I haven't seen a single bad review. I'm seriously considering one myself built up with campag as it will be lighter than my current carbon bike and I have never ridden a steel frame. My only quibble is that I'd like to try electronic shifting but this frame is externally routed - I've heard steel is a poor material choice in this regard due to internal corrosion but I'm not sure if modern protective lacquers have eliminated this being a problem?

Field cycles also do some gorgeous looking bikes...

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by octav

Did anybody use a frame like this? It's a nice price point to try a modern steel frame.

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by Marin

octav wrote:
Wed Sep 25, 2019 2:31 pm
Did anybody use a frame like this? It's a nice price point to try a modern steel frame.
Yes, there's a thread

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