Ultegra 8020 shiter help

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by OB1knb

Hi WWs,

I have a caad12 disc kitted with Shimano Ultegra. After few months of solid riding I thought I would do an easy bleed on the brakes as they felt a bit spongy.
Left shifter (rear brake) no problems at all: undone the bleed bolt, fitted the reservoir with mineral oil, got few bubbles out and finger tightened the bleed port screw. All was good.
Until I moved on to the right shifter...
Bleed was fine but tightening the bleed screw was a complete mare.
I thought I stripped it with my puny arms and hands until I pressed it down while also turning it. Managed to get it tight enough not have any oil coming out but taken it today to my lbs to check it as I am not confident it is actually safe to ride.
I have read of bolts been stripped while performing the same operation but not the thread with bolt/screw being absolutely immaculate.
Are these shifters made out of cheese?
Thoughts anyone? :cry:

by Weenie

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by Klaster_1

Are these shifters made out of cheese?
Pretty much yes, the lever body is CFRP. Both hose and bleed bolts have bigger thread than older Shimano road hydro levers to probably address that. You can get ST-RS685 with alumium alloy threads, but those are 100g heavier.

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