Pinarello F8 or Cannondale Supersix Evo

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by snowdevlin

Surely a fake indeed, that’s not a factory paint job, and the serial is way off in every way.

by Weenie

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by cunn1n9

iankovski wrote:Thanks, guys! You’re helpful!

Red alert, guys. I’ve asked about the serial number and some invoice paperwork to check the its authenticity he told me that “i bought it 2 years ago from Sponsoring women Team in belgium”. I also looked at the internet but and found that the SN of other F8s doesn’t have the same pattern of this one.

I was planning to go and demo the bike, but after all I think it should be a big trap. Also, the guy are asking just €2000 for complete bike.

Any thoughts?

Some photos of the frame:


This is not a real F8.

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by iankovski

Thank you all! At least I remembered of the WW fellows before a deal. You’re great.

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