Shimano R7000/R8000 front mech with Campag Ultrashifters

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by DJT21

Has anyone tried the above combination? Sacrilege I know but I might go ahead with it if it works.

I've no experience with newer Shimano stuff, although I did once setup a 5800 front mech for a friend and I remember it needed alot of cable tension. How much cable tension is needed with these new Shimano mechs? I believe they have an inbuilt tensioner, which means I'd be able to get rid of my inline barrel adjuster.

by Weenie

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by alcatraz

Cable tension is adjusted on all builds.

Front derailleurs are quite forgiving but I can't confirm your chosen combination as working or not.

I use a shimano fd on my sram group and it works perfectly. I had to make one modification. The cable pull ratio in a sram shifter is less than on shimano so the fd wasn't able to clear both the leftmost and rightmost chain position without rubbing (big/small + small/big). I clamped the cable on the other side of the bolt (effectively shortening the arm) and now it clears perfectly.

I don't even use a cable tension adjuster. I just unclamp the cable. I know, sounds amateurish but I don't have any issues.

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by bremerradkurier

I did it with an R8000 FD (barely cost more than the R7000 version) and 10 speed Record shifters; setup was easy and it works great-the labeling on the FD is also very discrete.

It was also nice losing the inline tension adjuster.

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by morrisond

I use my SR11 FD with H11 Shifters without any tension adjustment at all - works great - just pull on the Cable when you are clamping it initially - it's not that sensitive as long as you have enough tension on it to start.

I did recently set-up an R7000 with Shimano Shifters for a friend and that was more sensitive - but it has the built in adjustment.

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